About us

min·i — Something that is distinctively smaller than others. Smaller in stature. Smaller in life.

Not necessarily smaller in style.

Call them what you’d like; sprout, punk, rascal, whippersnapper, wild one, small fry.  Mini’s are resilient, courageous and funny.  Mini’s are essentially, an extension of you and us all.  Imaginative, curious and free, we love to watch them grow, prosper and live.  We hold their hands and we explore this world together.  We teach them, while at the same time, we learn from them.  They are the Mr. Miyagi and at times, we are the Little Grasshopper.  They are the Robin to our Batman.  They are our very own mini Superhero's in life.  They inspire us and we in turn love them.

With that love, Mini Boutique was born.  Located right in the heart of Canada, we are affectionately referred to as the “Flatlands”, but Winnipeg will do just fine.  We are clothiers who believe that; children come first, work comes second, and fashion is found somewhere in between.  With a love of all things mini, we offer modern and sustainable couture that is "funktional" yet affordable.  With whimsical, playful and “boy proof” pieces, our labels are not only unique, but have the ability to endure. 

Feel free in a mini world …….. Free from toxic chemicals and abrasvie dyes, our labels are as caring for the environment as you are for your mini.  We want to help in creating a mini world that is safe, clean and long lasting.  So whether it is organic cotton, water-soluble ink or recycled products, natural alternatives are in the heart of our designers and it shows with the pieces they lovingly design. 

Leanna Kendall and Yvonne Alto,
Owners and Mini Lovers