Greta The Giraffe and Her Bunnies

Even though they require a lot of energy and attention, Greta the Giraffe loves her bunnies.

This hand designed illustration has been crafted by the fabulously talented Natasha Boone whom we had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year.  Although she has had a pencil in hand for most of her life, ‘Greta’ was one of the first illustrations that she completed under the business name ‘maryandmaude’ (2009).  Intrigued by the visual contrast of big verses small, ‘Greta’, long and lanky (with a protruding belly of course!) sits rather calmly (resignedly!?) in contrast to the smaller, seemingly more energetic and playful bunnies. Of course Greta loves her bunnies, but indeed, they are a lot of work. As for the red high-heeled shoes: why not? It seemed fitting to Natasha. In an illustrator’s world, it only takes a piece of paper, a 2B pencil and a little imagination to create any possible scenario. “In this case, a giraffe, a few bunnies and a pair of red high-heeled shoes. Sounds good to me”. 

Read more about Natasha and all her other beautifully quirky and playful illustrations  here

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